Monday, May 6, 2013

Miracast in Windows 8.1, and 400g tablet pc's by autumn 2013

"Blue" is the internal codename for future updates of Windows. Microsoft's regular Build Conference 26–28 June 2013 in San Francisco will give details about it, with the update (Windows 8.1) coming in autumn. Miracast will then be natively supported by Windows. Miracast already today allows you to mirror your device screen onto a monitor or tv (like Apple AirPlay), but directly, without the need of a wifi router (like upcoming Apple Airplay Direct). It is e.g. implemented in Smartphones like Google Nexus 4 or Samsung S4. Videos on YouTube show how it works.

update/ Sarah McDevitt of Microsoft is showing developers how to build "Beautiful Apps at Any Size on Any Screen" at It is to be seen if there will also be a Microsoft Windows 8.1 specific Miracast upgrade, similar to what Apple showed for upcoming OS X Mavericks, to not only mirror screen content, but to expand wireless to different size screen panels /update

Parallel, Microsoft already changed specifications to allow upcoming Windows 8.1 to run on less resolution, which can be used for new form factors, like 8" tablets. 8" devices can also weigh less at around 400g, or about half the weight of 11" tablets. Though, smaller resolution devices can still be connected via HDMI to a monitor or tv to output FullHD 1080p.

Meanwhile, Intel is working on its autumn 2013 release of the less power consuming 22nm (currently 32nm) and potentially double powerful Bay Trail quad core Atom cpu.

The result for Christmas 2013 could look like the June upcoming 380.-Euro Acer Iconia W3, but with the faster and less power consuming 22nm Bay Trail Atom cpu, the updated Windows 8.1 on it, with Miracast activated, 8" screen, 2GB memory, 32GB storage, microUSB 3.0, microHDMI out, and full day battery. Connected to a 24" IPS monitor or 42" LED-TV, and a wireless keyboard and mouse, this could be a great companion. If it really comes true like this, with a below 499.-Euro price point, who would want an Android or iOS device.

Acer Iconia 10" with Atom cpu and Windows 8,
with a Review on YouTube, and an Ad von YouKu.

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